Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally.... I'm back

Hello! Yes, it has taken me longer than I planned to get back here, but, oh yeah, I'm back!

A lot has happened since I posted last year. We moved into our new home and we are very comfy, cozy and happy! We have felt at home since our very first day. We had planned on getting the majority of the moving done before we spent the night, but the first day of the move, our son put our bed together, I had all the bedding ready, it felt like home, so we spent the night! I am in love with everything here; especially all the windows that bring in lots of light, even on the darkest and rainiest days! I really love my warm and bright kitchen and  am enjoying the time I spend there. The rest of my days are spent running up and down the stairs and sorting through the remaining boxes!

If you remember from one of my last posts, my old camera gave out on Christmas day before the festivities even started! I was very disappointed, to say the least! We started our move the Monday after Christmas, so there wasn't any time for camera shopping, which means I don't have any pictures of the move. But, I am happy to say that I am now enjoying a new camera! My dear hubby wanted me to have a new "great" camera, so we went shopping! I now have a Nikon Digital SLR D5000, with an extra telephoto lens. That is a mouthful and it has been a little overwhelming. There is so much more to this camera than my little Sony Cyber-shot! I still have a lot to learn about it but I am enjoying the process. I'm working on the "Nikon School of SLR Photography" which will take me some time to get through, but I'm loving the process.

One of our favorite things about our new house is that our back yard is woods; no houses or people, just woods! The first few days we were here, I didn't see or hear even one bird. Nothing, just total silence. How is that possible with all those trees. So, I bought bird feeders and sent out the invitation and believe me, they came! Now, every time I look out the window or open the slider, there is constant motion and noise in our yard and in the woods with birds, squirrels and croaking toads! We haven't seen a toad yet, but they let us know they are out there. They are all very entertaining, so I have taken a few "practice" pictures. 

The following pictures are not good, they are quite bad actually, and I have taken better pictures since then. I saw an opportunity for pictures, my settings were wrong, and in my haste I didn't realize this. I'm showing you these pictures anyway because this grey squirrel is risking it's life, hanging in thin air to get to this bird feeder. 

We hung this feeder on this branch so that the squirrels couldn't get to the food. Right!!

The grey squirrels really blend into these trees
They empty the feeder in less than 24 hours, while balancing on air
We aren't sure what was keeping him up there!
A grey squirrel nest is on the upper left side of this picture. We can see at least five nests in trees, deeper in the woods.
Lots of seeds for the birds. Can you see the squirrel on his way down the tree, ready for more? He's right above the bird feeders.

Today I noticed the larger bird seed container shaking back and forth. I looked closer and the squirrel was at the base of the metal rod, shaking it back and forth! That didn't work, so he shinnied up the rod, about even with the feeders and leaned out and had his front feet on the long narrow feeder and his feet on the rod, swaying back and forth! He stayed that way for about 10 seconds and then scurried back down. I though those feeders were squirrel proof, but I'm not sure now. It all happened so fast, I didn't think to grab my camera.

My favorite Wiley
My favorite Ivan
Wilers trying to smile for gramma
Ivy posing for gramma

Bye until next time!


  1. Blog looks great. Nice to have you back. I missed your blog.

  2. Great to hear about your move. Glad you're enjoying your new home, too...I've been checking for a few days, wondering just when you'd be surfacing again! :)