Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't Forget the Birds

I love watching the birds, especially in the fall and winter when most of the trees are bare and you can really see them. When I take my dogs outside, I'm always amazed at the array of birds that are busy flying from tree to tree. All their chirping and bird noises are a big distraction to the dogs. At first I was surprised that they are out doing their thing even in the rain and cold. I guess that I lived in SoCal a little too long, since that surprised me. Of course they are, they are on a continual search for food daily, no matter what the conditions are outside. 

My mom has been feeding the birds in her yard for years. She recently showed me a recipe for suet that will help keep the birds fed for the winter. I decided that I wanted to make some too. I gathered up the ingredients, including a serving of meal worms. That part was fairly gross! I wrapped my hands in saran wrap so I didn't have to touch them. If you get live meal worms, just put them in the freezer for 30 minutes. I did that but I still didn't want to touch them, even if they were dead. They give the birds a little extra protein.

In addition the the ingredients, you need at least one suet feeder. The following  recipe makes enough for 2 small feeders. You can find the feeders at most any store that has a home and garden center, especially this time of year.

I'm passing this recipe on to you in case you decide to feed the birds in your yard this winter. This recipe was very easy and took about 15 minutes to make. I hope I will see at least one little bird eating out of it soon. 


Basic Homemade Suet Dough Recipe


Suet Dough,


        See Basic Homemade Suet Dough Recipe on Key Ingredient.     


Enjoy feeding the birds this winter!

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