Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking, Dipping, Sprinkling and Wrapping

It has been a long day of baking and making treats for Christmas related gatherings. I have had the best time doing this, in spite of being a little tired. It didn't help that I realized about 4:30pm this afternoon, that I had forgotten to eat lunch. That would have helped my 12+ hour marathon day in the kitchen, because I'm sure my morning oatmeal ran out about 1pm. My family Christmas is on Tuesday evening and we are looking forward to spending Christmas with my family for the first time in about 8 years. 

Today I made a batch of Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies that were requested for a cookie exchange tomorrow.
Nine bags of cookies ready to go
I also made the cookie part of Inside-Out Chocolate Chip Cookies for our family Christmas. I will complete them tomorrow and will post pictures and a recipe for them soon.

I baked cheesecake for my cheesecake pops over the weekend, and they are all rolled and ready to be dipped and decorated tomorrow. Today I dipped and sprinkled a dozen red pops. 

12 pops completed, 44 to complete by Tuesday evening
As I am typing this post, dear hubby is wrapping our presents for the famous "White Elephant" gift exchange. We are wondering if the turn-of-the-century wool "swimming suit" will appear again this year. If it actually got wet, it would take you underwater! 

As you are reading this, I am busy dipping and decorating. I am also having a great time as I prepare these treats and am thinking about getting together with the family.

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