Friday, October 15, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

Technically, that should be down, down, down to the ground! Very often on Saturday mornings, we hear a familiar sound. It's not terribly loud, but it is a very distinct sound. It is the sound of the burners firing up as the hot air balloons are on their slow descent to the ground.

Our first glimpse
Getting closer

Almost down

Always happy to see them land safely
I think this one got lost

They are close enough that they could jump if they had too! Just kidding, although, that is what I would have been thinking if it was me up there!

I hear that when the balloons land on your farm, you can head over to the truck and they will usually give you a certificate for a complimentary trip up, up and away! That would be from Vista Balloon Adventures, Inc. located in Newberg, Oregon.

Well, I did a little research on the subject of hot air ballooning to better understand the physics behind it, and I am now convinced more than ever, it isn't a sport for me! Especially after reading that the two main structures are an envelope and a wicker basket!! (Wicker has been out since the 80's!) Oh, and I can't leave out the fuel tanks and the open flame on board too!!! (Mamma said don't ever play with fire!) In my world, that doesn't translate into fun! 

And furthermore, if an "envelope" can be used for 400 to 500 flights, who's the lucky rider taking the 399th or the 499th trip?

Not me!

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