Friday, October 1, 2010

Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies

Happy October! We are having great weather here in Oregon and I hope it stays around. It would be nice to have an Indian Summer but I know I can't count on that happening!

I made these brownies a couple of weeks ago. We were staying at my sisters house (I have four sisters) with two of her kids. One of the nights we were there, I made a marinara sauce to pour over cheese ravioli. We were sitting down to eat and I took my first bite. Within five seconds or less I started feeling a burning sensation in the back of my mouth and throat. I had put in way too much cayenne pepper! It was in the type of spice bottle that has the large holes in it, and I shook it out. Not a good idea. I realized at the time that it was more than I expected but, I never expected that! It was not good. I told everyone I was so sorry, don't eat it, it is way too hot! 

Dear hubby said, "It's not that bad." That's a great hubby!

Nat just smiled her beautiful smile but you can see it is still sitting on her plate!
Grant said it was good. He is a very polite young man!
You can see what Wiley though about it
Dear hubby cleaned his plate. He must have been very hungry!

 It was time to pull out leftover pizza from the day before. At least I redeemed myself after dinner. I made my own version of Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies and were they very good!

Super moist
Great texture and flavor


Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies


Brownies, Chocolate,


        See Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies on Key Ingredient.     


This is my version adapted from Gourmet


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