Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes, I Have Had a Facelift

That's right, it was time for a face-lift! This old face needed some changes! I'm liking the new look for now, but you can expect that there will be more face-lifts in my future! 

Of course I'm talking about this blog, silly! I just wasn't feeling the inspiration when I dropped by here every once in a while. We have moved to Oregon and are no longer living in our home in Los Angeles. We have opted for the Oregon country life, which is completely different from our California urban oasis life that we have left behind. I just wasn't feeling the inspiration when I checked in here and saw my old blog layout. Now that I have a new look that better represents my new life, I'm starting to feel the inspiration coming back!

The past six weeks have been surreal, to say the least! Our lives have taken about as close to a 360 has it comes. I have been in "survival" mode for most of it, but I feel like I am slowly coming out of that mode and am now in "coping" mode, but getting ready to push into "living" mode again.

Sometimes it takes a while to find what your new "living" mode is when your life has been completely changed. For me, looking back over the past 6 weeks and seeing what I have been doing and how I have been living each day has shown me what my new "living" mode has become. I think the older we get, the more set in our ways (patterns) we get, and it is harder to adjust, especially when you leave one lifestyle and step into another that is totally different in every way possible.

Don't misunderstand and read this as a negative thing, because it is all positive! I have had a few twinges of nostalgia for what we have left in California, but they have been brief moments. We have gained so much. My dear hubby and I, our son, daughter and grandkids all live not only in the same state again, but within 30 minutes of each other! That is a first in over 15 years! As a mom, it is such a great feeling as I lay my head on my pillow at night after all those years of being separated by many miles. We are also very near the majority of our extended families which is another bonus. The fact that my dear hubby and our kids were born and raised in the Portland area really means that they are back home again. I lived most of my life in Portland even though I wasn't born in Oregon, so I'm back home too!

Now as I see my extended family or friends, the realization has sunk in that we aren't here just visiting, we aren't leaving town soon to head south like it has been in the past. We are really back -- and here to stay! 

Here are some of the views we enjoy everyday in the country.

Red Delicious Apple Trees

Golden Delicious Apple Trees

A Fig tree loaded with figs

A Chestnut Grove

A closer look 

I will post more pictures on Thursday.

P.S. Many thanks to my amazing son, Alan, for using his magic on this face-lift.


  1. Hi Coni - Welcome to Oregon. It must be a huge transition to move from one state to another, especially when the climate and terrain are so different. Where in the state do you live? I was born in Portland and have lived in the vicinity all my life. I would love to have that fig tree in my backyard.

  2. Great Look and Post!!! Look forward to more!