Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Peek at Our Garden in July

I love this time of year when almost everything is in full bloom! 

 Buddy contemplating a quick dip! I have had to pull him out by his collar!

Yikes! Little black bugs. Time to spray again!

Of course not...Never!

There is a trellis buried under there. The raccoons and possums use it as a bridge from our roof to the fence, at night, when we are trying to sleep!

This is the first place the boys run when Papa takes them outside

This is what the Bird of Paradise looked like in July 2007 when our daughter got married in front of the fountain. They have grown more than 15 feet since then,  and you can see how wide and full they have become.

This shows how much they have grown in three years

Our first flower on one of our 25-foot+ Bird of Paradise


Opening soon!

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