Monday, July 5, 2010

Family, Fun, Food and a Buzz

It is always so much fun to get our LA family together for a pool/bbq party! This year we all decided we wanted it to be super easy and as trouble-free for everyone as possible. Burgers, beans and watermelon! That's about as easy as it gets! Actually, we also had smoked links, fresh corn-on-the-cob, chips and dip, potato salad and caramelized onions, but who's keeping track. 

Wiley was the first one in the pool

Wiley and his daddy chillin'

Misty and Wiley

Deb and Misty

Dinner's on the grill

Successful dinner in progress

Ivan stopped long enough for a quick picture

Ice cream cone cupcakes


After dinner, Papa got out the clippers because Wiley B wanted a buzz cut for the summer

He might be having second thoughts

No, it's still fun

The fun is definitely over!

Cutie Pie!



  1. Love the hair!! What a fun day. I'm not surprised Wiley was the first in the pool. Makes me miss you all tons! Give Christy and those boys hugs for me!!

  2. My favorite blog so far! Looks like a great deal of fun for all. I almost thought I was there:) Lori (Oregon 27)