Monday, July 12, 2010

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar - Mission Completed

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about starting my Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. If you are interested you can find that link right here. I started it with mashed cherries, pits and all, and white balsamic vinegar. I have been tasting it every week or so, waiting for full-bodied cherry flavor. Oh yes, now there is no doubt that it is cherry! I'm surprised that it didn't even take a month. To taste it, I used a small teaspoon and dipped a piece of bread into it so that I didn't contaminate the vinegar in any way. Next step, to make it useable.

  The cherries and pits in white balsamic vinegar

  I strained the cherries and let them sit for a few minutes, pressing on them with a spatula to get every drop out

There was sediment left in the vinegar so I strained it through a finer mesh strainer four times to make sure the mixture was clear

I used my funnel to pour it into the bottle with only a teaspoonful leftover

Notice how pale these are now...

 ...getting closer...

...because their bright red color is now in here!

(I realize that this would be considered a picture of very poor quality, but I wanted you to see the full beauty of it's color! I convinced dear hubby to hold a flashlight above it so that you could see it's beautiful rosiness! A real photog never stoop this low!)

We are looking forward to making and enjoying a summer salad with a sprinkle of the Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese and a splash of this!

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