Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wiley and Gramma take on Disneyland

What a fun day we had! I picked up Wiley and we headed for Disneyland. On the way, we called Great Gramma Dorothy to say Hi, but she wasn't home so we left her a message and told her that we missed her. As we were headed to the park, Wiley was planning out our day and we talked about what we wanted to do. After what seems like a lifetime to a two-year old, we arrived at Downtown Disney parking and headed for the park. 

Our first stop was the Monorail. The Blue Monorail was waiting for us when we arrived at the platform. We headed for the car and uh oh, someone else got Wiley's favorite spot, but we adapted and the adventure began.

Wiley was checking out the map and planning out our day. He decided he wanted to go to Small World first and spontaneously broke into a full rendition of "It's a Small World," to the delight of the people sharing our car!

On the way, a mommy duck and her ducklings were passing through

Waiting in line at Small World

Ready to go!

Here we go!

 Sorry, this is the only picture that turned out in Small World

Wiley checking out the whale's mouth

Time for lunch

Wiley said "Gramma, I love you!" Aah, be still my heart!

Deep in thought!

Catching the train at New Orleans Square

What's taking so long, Gramma?

A stop at Tomorrowland Station

Autopia cars passing through

Time for a little Mickey treat on Main Street

Why is the fountain empty, Gramma?

Passing through Downtown Disney and headed for the car

We were there and gone in three hours! That is Disneyland Gramma style! We had a great time and on the way home, Wiley was making plans for what we are going to do on our next trip. 

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