Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Back

Wow, I just looked at my calendar and saw that it's October 2nd, 2014! It took me a little longer than I expected to get back here, but hopefully it's better late than never! I'm glad they didn't shut down this place. I have a few recipes to share in the future, but for today I will get my feet wet by seeing if I can still download pictures. I'm doing this on the here goes...not necessarily in the order I lived them...

Sorry, that old plan is not happening! This is what is happening. I am in transition from my older, long-time laptop to a new fancier, faster laptop and now I know I need to complete that transition before I take on this blog back full time or even semi-part time. I will post with the pictures I have on my iPhone and my iPad which takes a little time but not as long as this old, dog-tired laptop! These pictures took over 25 minutes to download from my photo stream from the laptop and that just doesn't work for me long-term or short-term or ever.

Ok, on with the new plan!

The following pictures are ones I shot as we were driving through downtown Portland, Oregon last Saturday. We were headed up from the river and I saw this guy get out of the drivers seat of a really cool car! Really, really cool car! Once I took my eyes off of the cool car, I saw the driver walk around the back of the car and I told my hubby, that looks like Jerry Seinfeld ... and Fred Armison! Well, it was. So, as we drove past them I had my phone so of course I had to take a few pictures. These pics aren't to bad considering they were shot from a moving car!

This beauty is a SAAB 850cc 3-stroke Monte Carlo circa 1966-67

 As we drove past we could hear their voices as they talked and laughed. It was definitely them. often do you see a guy in a suit with brilliantly white tennis shoes or whatever they call them now!

I digress for a moment. When we heard David Letterman would be retiring this coming year, we started recording his shows. We like to sit down and watch one for a good laugh. So, on this past Tuesday we sat down and watched last Thursdays show. Jerry Seinfeld was the guest and he said he was going to Portland to shoot an episode of his new show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." He has traveled to around the country to shoot shows with comedians in a different classic car each episode.

Now we know why he was in Portland. We had assumed it was for Fred Armison's show, Portlandia that has been filming it's next season around the Portland area this summer. We have since heard and read that Jerry and Fred shot scenes around the city, including a food cart in SE Portland where one of my nieces happened to see him also. 

Jerry's new show will be available on Crackle in the near future. I guess Crackle loves it because I just read this morning that they renewed the show for a second season and the first season hasn't been seen by the public yet. I'm guessing it will be funny.

Well, this is not much but this is what I have for today after more than a year away. 

Have a great day!


I just looked over at the TV and on "Live with Kelly and Michael," I saw Kelly's bestie, Jessica Seinfeld on the screen! She is Jerry Seinfelds wife! She is there to celebrate Kelly's birthday today! How nice! The Seinfelds seem to be all over this post! Happy Birthday to Kelly Ripa!


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