Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My 2013 Life in Pictures

Like everyone else, our life has been very busy. I did manage to shoot a few pictures every once in a while. My dear hubby gave me an iPad for Christmas and now I am more likely to take pictures from it rather than digging out my camera. I always have my iPad in my handbag! It is lightweight, slim and oh so easy to use! All last year, my dear hubby asked me if I would like an iPad. I always said no, no, no, it would be a waste of money, I have my desktop and my smart phone and I don't need any more electronics!! Well, he disregarded my protests against having an iPad and surprised me with one anyway. There has been no looking back! I love it!! The "how did I ever live without it" kind of love! If I can figure out how to get all my pictures from my iCloud into my blog via my desktop, I would really be in business! Until then, a few pictures downloaded from my camera.

A few winter shots...

There was constant conflict at the feeders all winter

Our dark and naked woods was alive with wildlife activity. I still have not captured a picture of the deer that graze next to the fence. If I see them through an upstairs window, the camera was always downstairs, and vice versa.

This little guy spent most of the winter sitting right on that branch

Dad surprise 80th birtday party...

A surprised dad arriving at his party

Dad, mom and their seven kids

Grandpa Don and our son Alan

Singing with my sibs - something we grew up doing on a regular basis (that's me peaking out 4th from the left)

One of the many beautiful centerpieces courtesy of baby sis

My overwhealmed dad thanking everyone for attending his surprise party

Wiley with a handful of balloons from dad's party

Finally, signs of spring...

A little green on the little tree in the middle

Doggies and my two favorite grandsons...

My two babes

Dogs and boys

Ivan LOVES Lucy!

Wiley loves Buddy!

I love these boys!

Brother love

Wiley showing us his moves

Funny faces

Hoping I can figure out whats going on with the crazy spacing issue!

Now we have caught up through early March.  

More pics another time...

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  1. Welcome Back! Great Pics! Love you!
    "Dear Hubby"