Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's About Time...

I hope that 2013 is going well for you and your family so far this year. We had quite a December 2012! Within the week of our return from our anniversary trip, our daughter needed emergency surgery. We rushed up to Seattle and did everything we could to help for a few days. A couple days later, when Christy was sent home to recoup, we brought the boys back home with us. Both of the boys were sick with a virus, so there was lots of nose blowing, hugging, holding and hand washing for the first week. I was a hand washing machine myself until my hands were so chapped, they were bleeding! Thanks to Curel Ultra Healing lotion, they recovered quickly. I keep pumps of the lotion at most of our sinks and on our nightstands so it wouldn't have happened if I had used it everytime I washed my hands. I think I gave up about half way through. Anyway, it really works if you use it! In spite of all the handwashing, I got sick anyway. 

Needless to say, most of the Christmas plans were modified to the plan of least resistance for our family and it all turned out fine. Before I lost my voice, the boys and I spent one day baking and decorating a gingerbread house. We also baked and decorated sugar cookies. I had lots of big plans for Christmas this year, but they ended with the cookies. We had so much fun that day! The boys did such a great job!

Lots of fun...

and a little messy!
This is still sitting in my kitchen. Don't judge me!


My dear hubby fixed a beautiful prime rib dinner for our families Christmas and that's about all I remember. I didn't lift a finger. I don't even remember if I ate anything that Sunday before Christmas eve. The kids left on Christmas eve afternoon for Christmas with family in SoCal. I must have let down after that because that is when I really got sick. No fever, so it was a virus. I had a very sore throat, dripping nose and a crazy tickle in my throat, and coughing, coughing, coughing! And a double eye infection! Even weeks later, I am still coughing up stuff! A few days later, dear hubby got sick too, but he's all better now.

Our Wolfe family Christmas was at the Stuarts again this year and everyone brought appetizers, soups and desserts. After dinner, most everyone went caroling around the neighborhood instead of the usual gift exchange. Every one that went had a great time. 

A few pictures from Wolfe family Christmas 2012.

Three week-old Rebekah
Greg and Ella
Wiley and Makena
Betsy, Lori and Cheryl
Makena and Selah
Mom and dad
Nat and Ivan
Looking up at Alan

On New Years Eve, we headed to bed a while after the new year arrived, but before we could get actually get into bed, I got a message that my dad had been taken by ambulance to the emergency room because of a possible heart attack. We got dressed and headed for the hospital. Most of the sibs were there when we arrived and we spent several hours together with mom and dad, waiting for test results. He didn't have a heart attack, but had a reaction to a new prescription, and we were told he could go home in a few hours. If you have older parents, make sure to remind them to talk to the pharmasist about possible side effects. My dad couldn't see temporarily and had bad pain in his chest, and it ended up being a side effect that can happen about 10 days after starting a new medication. He is fine now and my parents just arrived home from a trip to Hawaii after celebrating their 60th anniversary.

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