Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wolfe Family Christmas 2011

Every year we look forward to our Wolfe family Christmas gathering. During this past year, we had several new additions to the family.

Our newest addition, Ella Mae
Our second youngest addition, Elias, with auntie Laura
Elias with mommy, Selah and uncle Ryan
Sumin and Kathleen
Great grandpa enjoying Ella and Wiley unwrapping a chocolate
Ivan keeping his first-cousins-once-removed, entertained while unwrapping a chocolate
Gathering for appetizers
Kevin and auntie Cheryl
Cousins Clark, Laura, Betsy and Vinny
Grandma Dorothy and Christy
Vinny, Matt, Greg and Holly
David and Kelsey
Wiley getting to know his second cousin
Sweet baby
Wiley and Ivan flashed several chocolatey smiles throughout the evening
Cheryl and Dorothy
Cousins Vinny and Christy
Lori, our hostess for the evening
Dear hubby
Lexi working the floor
Great grandma visiting with Ella
Vinny and Christy
Jeff and Holly
Misty and Cheryl - daughter and mom
Betsy checking out a new outfit for Ella
Natalie, Wiley, Grant, Davis, CJ, Madi, Larry, Gary
Lexi waiting for falling food
Jeff, Holly and Dorothy
Lori and Jeff taking a breather
Larry cleaning up
Lexi is a very patient girl

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