Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oatmeal Cookies with Caramel Bits and Spiced Dried Apples

Last year I baked several batches of caramel apple cookies that used fresh apple slices and Kraft caramel bits. They were good, but I felt the fresh apple pieces made them a little too moist and sticky. We ended up storing them in the refrigerator. When I saw these diced apples at New Season last week, I couldn't resist buying them with the intention of revisiting the caramel apple cookies. In the meantime, I had found another cookie recipe that sounded good so I made a few changes and they turned out great. Now I'm sharing it with you. I realize this isn't a very "Christmasy" recipe. I hope there will be a few of those in the near future.


Caramel Apple Cookies


Oatmeal, Apples, Caramel, Cookies


        See Caramel Apple Cookies on Key Ingredient.



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