Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lace Cookies

When I saw this recipe for Lace Cookies, I had a picture in my mind of what they were going to look like. I pictured them somehow looking lacy!?! Well, I'm not sure how these cookies got their name because they don't resemble lace in any way. I won't hold that against them because they are a very tasty cookie. They really caught my eye because the recipe calls for ground almonds. You can make ground almonds in your food processor, but I had a bag of Trader Joe's ground almonds in my cupboard, waiting to be used. 

I had originally bought the ground almonds for a lemon loaf cake recipe that called for them. I made the lemon cake, but it turned out horrible. It was a bogus "recipe" that someone created and when baked, it ended up like clumpy lemon soup. Seriously! I threw it out and was determined to make something better with the remaining nuts. These cookies are very good, especially if you enjoy a little almond flavoring. I happen to like almond flavoring, but I know many people that don't enjoy the flavor at all! I plan to add a little more almond flavoring next time. They had just a hint or almond flavor and I like more than a hint. 

These cookies have only seven ingredients and are super easy to make. The only down side with these cookies is that it takes a while to get them all baked. They spread as they bake so you can only put about 9 cookies on each baking sheet, unless you have Super sized pans. They are easy and good! I plan to make them again between now and Christmas.

One last thing, the quantity is an estimate. I had cookies cooling everywhere. As they were cooling, I was packaging them up to take with me on my travels for others to enjoy, so I never actually counted them. The smaller you make these, the more scooping, baking and cooling you will have.


Lace Cookies


Ground Almonds,


        See Lace Cookies on Key Ingredient.    



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