Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Orange, Cardamom and Almond Granola

 If you like cardamom, you will want to make this granola. It is a very easy and it makes 2-1/2 cups which is a good amount. Sometimes 5 or 6 cups of granola is too much, especially for two people. It bakes on one pan and it bakes for 20 minutes. I enjoy a little granola on my yogurt so this was the perfect amount for me, especially since I am usually the only one in our house that eats granola. 

I used a teaspoon of cardamom in my batch which might be a little to much for most, unless you are a big cardamom fan like me. The other thing I realized in making this granola is; if you only stir it once half way through, you get more granola clusters rather than just individual pieces of oats and nuts. I love my granola crunchy and this was very crunchy. Next time I make this recipe, I plan on using half agave nectar and half honey.


Orange Cardamom Granola


cardamom, dried orange peel, almond, rolled oats, agave nectar, wheat germ, vanilla


        See Orange Cardamom Granola on Key Ingredient.    



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