Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Paulsen Family Reunion

This past weekend, we attended a reunion with two of my dear hubby's cousins. My 89-year old mom-in-law is the only living child of Henry and Othilda Paulsen from North Dakota and the only living Aunt to all of her nieces and nephews that live around the country. She was the baby of her family and is still living a healthy and strong life. 

One of her nieces, Marsha, accompanied her husband, who came to Oregon to speak at Reed College last week, and used the weekend to meet with family. My dear hubby's sister, Deanna, worked out the details to make it happen. Marsha's sister, Sandra, decided to come when she heard about the plans, so it became a real reunion. My dear hubby had not seen his cousin Marsh for 20 years and hadn't seen Sandra in over 50 years! They all had a great time catching up with each other.

Cousins and families
Busy catching up
Grand nieces and nephews
More grand nieces and nephews
Ivan spotted the geese flying by
A little lap time with Great Grandma Dorothy
Wiley taking it all in - a little too much, actually. There was quite a bit of talk about family members that had "died." Wiley said to me, "Gramma, make them stop talking about dying! I don't like that kind of talking! I took the boys into the next room and we played with Thomas the Train for the remainder of the visit!

Singing "In the Garden"
Cousins and "Aunt Dorothy"

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