Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Brunch

To celebrate our daughter's birthday, we had a birthday brunch, which was actually more like a lunch, with breakfast food. Our menu included a make-ahead breakfast casserole, a hash brown casserole, fresh fruit platters, orange juice and sticky rolls.

Mommy getting a birthday kiss
Ivan Sandwich
Breakfast Casserole
Fruit Plate
Hash Brown Casserole
Sticky Rolls

Moving in for a kiss
Ivan loves Buddy
I was given the following recipe over 25 years ago. I have made this dish with many different variations through the years, using the egg, milk and bread ratio as my base. The sky is the limit. It also doubles very easily.

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole


Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole


Breakfast, brunch, Eggs,


        See Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole on Key Ingredient.     


Hash Brown Casserole
I found the following recipe a few years back. I have made this dish with the hash browns defrosted, but this time I used them frozen. In my opinion, it takes longer to cook the potatoes thoroughly when they are used frozen. If you do use them frozen, I would suggest using a small thermometer to make sure they are up to temperature before serving, just to make sure they are heated throughout.


Hash Brown Casserole


Hash browns, Brunch, Breakfast,


        See Hash Brown Casserole on Key Ingredient.    


I don't have a recipe to share for the sticky rolls today. I was trying to re-create a "cinnamon" type roll that we enjoyed at Merchant's Delicatessen and French Bakery in Walla Walla, Washington when we lived there. They have been out of business for several years and we have not found anything quite like it since. These were very close, but need a few tweaks.


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