Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Diversion

Our wedding anniversary got pushed aside last week as we spent the day entertaining friends and family on Thanksgiving. That's when four day weekends come in handy. We decided to head west and spend a little time exploring the area. We ended up at the Lafayette Locks County Park in Yamhill County, Oregon. During our recent travels, my dear hubby had seen the sign and wanted to see what the locks were doing on such a small river. It wasn't much of a surprise that we were the only ones that made that their destination of choice. After reading the history of the locks, it became very interesting.

The first regular transportation on the Yamhill River began in 1850. They used a 65 foot flatboat, powered by four Klickitat Indians. They carried wheat to the flour mills in Oregon City and were paid $16.00 each for the round trip. Through the years, the river traffic increased and they decided a locks was needed, which would raise the river 16 feet and would allow year-around transportation of logs and wheat to McMinnville. The dam and locks were built in between 1898-1900 and were used until 1954. In 1964, they used dynamite and destroyed the dam and the lock doors.
All that is left now are the cement walls
It is a small but beautiful park along the river
 This tree was home to ferns
Most of the trees were covered with moss and ivy

These look like they have been here since the 1800's
A closer look
It is a nice little park
Next, we went to have dinner at a restaurant that has been rated the best restaurant in McMinnville called Orchard's Bistro. Well, I'm sure it would have been a great meal, but they were closed on Sunday. Time for Plan B. We decided to go to Hotel Oregon

There are Christmas lights everywhere!
We must have arrived at peak dinner time because the dining room was full. They suggested we go upstairs for rooftop dining, so we took the (very, very old) elevator up to the roof.
The sky was beautiful
Lots of Christmas lights down below
The salad was ok, but it wasn't the gourmet meal we set out to enjoy
 Dear Hubby

The best part of the afternoon and evening was enjoying the time with my very dear hubby. His kind eyes and charming smile still make my heart go pitter patter after all these 38 years!

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  1. The smile on my face was because I was sitting across the table looking at you, my Love. Thanks for the wonderful 38 years. I love You!