Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Are Family

Our daughter and her family have made their way up north and are now occupied with starting their new life in Oregon. I have a few parting shots!



It was hard to see them go, but as they were leaving a beautiful angel named Lori arrived to support me with help sorting, packing, and our Saturday moving sale organization (including signs and pricing)! And most importantly, she supported me by willingly listened to my endless "gramma" stories!! We were very busy working but, we had lots of fun together at the same time. I'm so happy that I have had Lori here to bridge that loneliness gap and to keep me on track. Her support was amazing! We accomplished everything I had hoped for and more!

  I am sad to say that she flew away today! 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love you Lori!

I am now focusing on wrapping up our life here in California before we make our move north next week. I will try to check in here every few days!

A big thank you to my other three sisters and two brothers that would have helped me if they could have made it down/up here.

If you love family and sisters, click here!

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