Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Lofthouse" Sugar Cookies

I made these cookies for a party way back in July. I knew there would be lots of kids and I though they would like these cookies with all of the sparkles. They definitely did! A couple of us got a kick out of watching as the kids came back for handful after handful while their parents were busy talking. My grandson was one of them. The adults came back for more too!

This is the first time I remember making cookies using a cake mix as the base. It made the whole process so easy! I wanted a sugar cookie but a little more soft and pillowy. The recipe I found sounded just right and it was quick and easy, which is what I needed at that time. I found this recipe at Food.com.

I started with a Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. I added oil and two eggs, mixed it up until just combined, rolled them into balls, using a very small scoop. I baked them for about 6-8 minutes in a 375-degree oven. I let them cool and frosted them with a tub-o-frosting and showered them with sprinkles! That's it. If you would like the exact recipe, you can find it here

I forgot to try one before they were gone, but my sources tell me they were good.

After several weeks in moving/vacation mode, we are back on a semi-regular schedule, which will give me time to check in here more often. I have lots of pictures that I have downloaded but no cooking/baking at all. I expect to be back in cooking mode in a week or so.

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