Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I realize that I am a day late, but I heard that IHOP was serving free pancakes yesterday for National Pancake Day. Here is my contribution for NPD. Our family has always loved pancakes for breakfast or dinner. This first recipe is one that I have been using for over 25 years. This is definitely one of our favorites.

Super Pancakes

Very light and fluffy and really quick and easy to ...

See Super Pancakes on Key Ingredient.

 Our favorite place to get them is The Original Hot Cake House on Powell in Portland, OR. Don't call them pancakes there because the aren't pancakes. They are Hot Cakes. There is a huge difference. Trust me, I made that mistake years ago and it won't happen again. Because it isn't an option for us to have theirs, I have looked for recipes that might create an illusion that we are actually eating at the hot cake house, minus the booths and jukebox.

This next recipe comes the closest to what you get at the Original Hot Cake House. It would put it over the top if I had their special buttermilk and their well seasoned grill.

Hot Cakes

Very light and fluffy

See Hot Cakes on Key Ingredient.


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