Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gone Until 2011!

I hope you had the very Merriest Christmas with those that you love. 

I won't be back until sometime the first week in 2011. I will miss you, but, I am happy to say that tomorrow we start our move away from "the farm" and into our new home on the "hill," as in Murray Hill. I'm sure to most of you, moving sounds like the worst possible way to spend the week after Christmas. I understand that, and hope you have a good time relaxing and resting up. As for us, we are rested and ready. 

After having most of our possessions stored in PODS since August, we are very excited and looking forward to moving into our new home with our "stuff." We plan to take the week to get settled in, with some good quality time snuggling by the fire in the evenings!

We will miss the farm and plan to visit very often, especially when the baby lambs start arriving. I think there might be a bottle with my name on it, waiting to feed the double and triple birth lambs. I can hardly wait!

Have a Very Happy New Year!

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